Community Accountability Reporting Mechanisms (CARM)

Mercy Corps Northwest is committed to listening, learning, and taking action

As part of our global commitment to accountability, Mercy Corps Northwest has implemented three channels for community members to provide our team with feedback. We believe it is our responsibility to listen to and learn from the communities we serve. Our team values all individual feedback and we use it to educate and implement organizational change and to promote the empowerment of our program participants. 

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Staff and training

Our team understands some feedback may be sensitive, and at Mercy Corps Northwest, we take this responsibility seriously. We have appointed a CARM team with individuals trained to receive input, protect personal identifiable information (PII), and oversee the feedback loop until a conclusion is reached. 

Informed consent

In the majority of cases, feedback can be resolved without sharing the PII of the informant. In some cases, it may be necessary to share the PII with a team member outside of the CARM team in order to resolve a case in an appropriate way. Informants must first provide their informed consent to have their PII shared.

What to expect after you submit feedback

If the feedback is non-anonymous, a CARM officer will acknowledge receipt of the feedback within two (2) working days and work directly with the informant until the case is resolved. In rare cases, the CARM officer may ask for informed consent to obtain closure for the case. If the feedback submitted is anonymous, the CARM officer will work internally with the appropriate team members to resolve the case. 

Our three channels:

1. Talk to a team member: All Mercy Corps Northwest team members are trained on the objective of CARM. They will work with you to receive direct feedback and maintain confidentiality.

2. Send us a letter:
ATTN: Feedback
Mercy Corps Northwest
43 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97204

3. Fill out our anonymous online form: We want to hear from you! Our online form can be submitted anonymously and is available in English, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish.