Walla Walla small business services

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Walla Walla is located in the 26th largest county in the state of Washington.  In 2019, The city of Walla Walla partnered with Mercy Corps Northwest to extend small business services into the region. Every day, Walla Walla residents create new economic opportunities for themselves and their families with access to business funding, training and mentorship.

Meet our clients

Our programs have proudly supported the success of the following small business owners in Walla Walla, and many more. For more information, see our English or Spanish client pages.

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Veronica Alvarado owns "Dani's Cleaner," a cleaning business in Walla Walla, Washington.
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“My daughter inspires me in everything I do. I want to provide the best for her with the income from my business,” says Veronica.

Explore our Walla Walla programs

From classes that last a few hours, to seminars that span several weeks, our programs offer services to support you at any stage of your small business journey.

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Micro-Business Assistance Program (MBA)

Mercy Corps Northwest offers a six-month grant and business education program under Walla Walla's Micro-Business Assistance program that help entrepreneurs multiply their savings to start a microbusiness.

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Programa de Asistencia para Microempresas, Educación & Préstamos

Explore nuestros programas para pequeñas empresas que incluyen nuestro Programa de Asistencia para Microempresas, Educación y Préstamos en Walla Walla.

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We provide loans ranging from $500-$10,000 to startups and existing small businesses that do not qualify for traditional loans.